The team at JRM Advisers knows Wisconsin. We’ve been involved in campaigns, media, government outreach and economic development efforts in all 72 Wisconsin counties with a history spanning nearly two decades. We have extensive experience working with business, developers, non-profits, state and local elected officials, and educational entities.

As advisers, we are involved in every aspect of your campaign, from project concept to ribbon cuttings. Along the way we’ll help you communicate with members of the media, state and local officials, potential funders, regulatory agencies, your own employees and neighbors. From school referendums to grassroots campaigns, we’ve given a voice to important issues and developments around the state and throughout the country.

Public Relations

With nearly two decades of political involvement and community connections we bring the experience you’re looking for to share your story with the right audience by identifying the right medium needed to compel stakeholders to take action.

Much of our success in these endeavors has come from our ability to identify those stakeholders and engage them in a manner that doesn’t just educate them – that’s not enough. Today you need to motive them to take action and provide them with the tools they need to do so.

Coalition Building

Because public affairs campaigns often impact a number of industries opportunities exist to create coalitions of what would seem to make for odd bedfellows. JRM helps clients identify people who share a common vision they may not have realized existed. The result of which adds value to your campaign by creating the third party validation needed to provide the influence you seek.

Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy

When you need boots on the ground, butts in seats and voices on the phone, we’re your guys. Our experience in all 72 counties in Wisconsin, every major media market, the halls of the State Capital and the offices of every city and village in the state gives you the access you want and the experience you need.

Our experience pulling field operations together, organizing door-to-door campaigns and building online coalitions is unmatched. We offer a savvy mix of traditional grassroots — phone and mail, design and fulfillment — along with cutting-edge digital platforms, mobile and social strategies, to ensure your messages motivate your stakeholders online and off.

Crisis Communications

When the goal is to keep your organization out of the media, we can help with that too.  We recognize that each situation is unique and work closely with our clients to create a customized campaign. Our goals are always to mitigate damage to the organization’s reputation and business interests, eliminate harm to any stakeholders by responding quickly, truthfully and completely, and to build increased goodwill and prosperity.

Social Media

We’re all aware of the number of people using social media today to get information and share opinion. JRM can help you leverage social media to recruit advocates, drive traffic to mobilization tools, and coordinate message. It’s seamless, measurable and affordable.

Event Management

From ground-breakings to ribbon cuttings our team of professional event planners can address every need from soup to nuts. We’re experts in generating turn out, coordinating logistics and promoting the event through all types of multimedia channels.