JRM Advisers is a Wisconsin based firm with nearly 20 years of public relations, grassroots mobilization and public affairs experience.

Public Relations

The team at JRM Advisers enjoys a diverse background of successful public relations experience ranging from groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings, social media strategy and execution, to managing communications and outreach during a crisis.

We serve both national and Wisconsin-based clients looking for services in the Midwest.

Our expertise comes from more than two decades working with and for a variety of media organizations, running grassroots and grass tops campaigns, working for state and local government officials and coming up with unique ways to get your story placed and your message across.

Grassroots Advocacy

At JRM Advisers we bring a diverse (political, geographic, social, ethnic) background that adds value to local, regional and national efforts. We know how to grow coalitions, organize supporters, and activate people of influence.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to help bring clarity to an issue, motivate grass roots and grass tops networks to take action and help move public policy.

Our experience has included efforts focused around alternative energy, commercial and industrial development, financial services, transportation, telecommunications and healthcare just to name a few.

Public Affairs

From working in the State Capital and the Governor’s communications office to serving the press and political needs of Wisconsin’s cities and villages, we know Wisconsin.

Our experience includes helping successfully pass state and local referendums, getting approvals for development and construction projects, and assisting lobbyists and national public affairs firms by providing knowledgeable and experienced boots on the ground in Wisconsin. We know there is usually more than one way to tell a story or accomplish your goal. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to share some war stories.